Zorb Kit, Burgundy

The kit includes 1 Zorb and 1 Sachet Jar (30-count).
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An unopened bottle of wine contains essentially 0% oxygen. Any oxygen that had entered the bottle during filling or as ingress through the cork is depleted by reacting with sulphur dioxide or wine compounds.

Conversely, freshly uncorked wine soaks up oxygen like a sponge. Upon being exposed to air, wine will absorb oxygen until the saturation level is reached. The agitation caused by pouring a glass only accelerates the uptake. This is why re-inserting the cork after opening a bottle doesn't really work. The bottle headspace is now full of air, and oxygen has already started going into solution.

The good news is that reactions between dissolved oxygen and wine compounds take much longer to complete - hours to days. It's this prolonged reaction time that allows the Zorb to be so effective.

By replacing the cork with a Zorb and firmly tightening the knob, an impervious seal is created against the bottle neck, allowing the fast-acting Zorb sachet to do its work. The sachet, which is now situated optimally in the bottle headspace with a maximum of exposed surface area, pulls oxygen out of solution before it has time to react with the contents. Best of all, it leaves the aromatics where they belong, inside the bottle!

Once the Zorb is attached, keep the bottle upright. While the sachets are non-toxic and FDA approved, they are designed to stay dry.

Zorbs work on wines, spirits, sparkling wines, and champagnes.

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