Three-lobe Stopper

This stopper allows the Pungo and a sealing pin to be used on bottles with old, fragile corks that can't be pierced. Use the threaded stopper for screwcap bottles.
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Occasionally, a cork is too compromised to be Pungoed. It can become too hard if the wine has been stored upright for an extended period, or it may be simply old and fragile, requiring a special puller to remove without leaving fragments in the wine. In this event, the cork should be removed and replaced with a thee-lobe stopper, which will allow the wine to be served via Pungo, and optionally, pinned freeing the Pungo to serve another bottle.

Upon pulling the cork, the bottle neck may be sparged with inert gas by inserting the Pungo needle and pulling the trigger, purging any air that may have been introduced in the process.

The three-lobe stopper has three balls at the bottom that splay out when a Pungo needle or sealing pin is inserted, locking the stopper to the bottle. At the top are two o-rings of varying diameter that allow a range of bottle-neck sizes to be closed. Small neck diamaters will only engage the lower o-ring, whereas larger diameters engage only the top o-ring.

Like sealing caps, Pungo stoppers are configured with tri-seals that keep inert gas in the bottle as a Pungo or sealing pin is removed.

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