Zorb Sachet Jar (30-count)

Ultra-fast acting oxygen-absorbing sachets. Use with Zorb device. One sachet will serve one standard wine bottle.
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Food grade
Per-glass cost: 8.5 cents
Sachet area: 5.4cm x 4.3cm

One sachet will de-oxygenate one 750-ml bottle with 5 pourings - where the Zorb is detached, a glass is poured, and the Zorb with the same sachet is re-attached. When the bottle is finished, remove the sachet and discard. The sachets come in an air-tight jar that will keep the sachets fresh for months to years. You should find that the last sachet in the jar is as effective as the first in terms of oxygen-uptake speed and capacity, as only a small volume of air enters the jar with the removal of each sachet. The remaining sachets work together to absorb oxygen ingress, keeping the jar under an oxygen vacuum.

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